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    Organizational Behavior Management

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    Please help me with some ideas so that I can write the following:

    Write a response that identifies a problem you have observed at work that could be addressed through applying the scientific method to organizational behavior research.

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    Hello & thank you for using Brainmass. Since you did not indicate the current resources and materials you are using for this class, the solution below cannot be guaranteed to be course specific but should cover all the main points. Also, since you did not indicate the kind of workplace you have if you are presently employed so as to guarantee a sample situation (i.e. retail, office, restaurant, hotels, etc - type of employment), the situation below is taken from a 'retail' situation on the assumption that most of us, one way or the other have been in that kind of employ and is a familiar situation. Remember however that this solution is only a sample-guide. In order to make it specific for your own personal situation, you must look into your own workplace and apply it. For example, if you are working in an office, it is possible to find these issues - intercultural communication problem, diversity, motivation issues, bullying, etc. But if you have had experience in retail or are working in retail at the moment, then you can certainly fully apply this solution. Remember that the issue need not be massive as long as the scientific method can be applied to create a solution. I hope this solution helps. Good luck!

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    Organizational Behaviour & the Scientific Method

    Organizational behavior is also referred to as the organizational studies, utilizing varied theories drawn from the social sciences, especially sociology & philosophy to put together a systematic method of understanding human behavior, focusing on individual & group behavior & the varied mechanisms that influence & affect them following the scientific method. Of late, this particular field of study has become a focus of interest for business studies. While varied industries have their own specific approach to understanding organizational behavior (i.e. Industrial Psychology in the field of Engineering & Mechanics), in the business world, organizational studies as a focus of specialization has become essential nonetheless due to the diversification & globalization of once local economies. Ethnicity, culture, social networks, perception, diversification, identity, relations, loyalty - these are just the many issues about the mechanics of human behavior in an organization that a successful player in the global economy focuses on. More than ever, companies are challenged by the notion of managing business interests that are distributed away from each other not only distanced by time & geography but by 'culture'.

    How one reacts to an event, a challenge or takes action against or in relation to objects or changes in your environment refers to your manner of behaviour and taken in the long term, behavioural pattern reveals personality which indicates and/or contributes to one's identity. It is important to ...

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    The solution is a 1,516-word essay on the subject of Organizational Behavior Research, specifically the application of principles of the scientific method to resolve work issues. First the solution defines the concepts and relates them to each other then a sample workplace problem is discussed and a solution using the tenets of the scientific method as applied in the organizational management approach is proposed. References are listed for the the purpose of expansion. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.