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    Team Synergy and Output

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    It has been suggested that the output of a team is far greater than the output of the individual efforts combined. What is it about the team that creates this synergy and extra output? Discuss your thoughts on this phenomenon and how you as a manager can tap into this "extra" output.

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    Leadership in organizations identify with the many advantages of establishing teams. Teams are an effective way for individuals to work cohesively in a diverse culture and to learn the common traits associated with leadership. Teams are advantageous in which they are able to accomplish many things that are otherwise unattainable for individuals. There is an old cliche, which states, 'There is strength in numbers.' Teams in my opinion are the sole strength of an organization. 'Teams'self-directed teams, self-managing teams, and high-performance teams'are a new work-design innovation that has swept across the country and the rest of the world (Neck and Manz, 2010). An organization is primarily comprised up of several departments, each department consist of a group that is responsible for one main objective. For example, when I worked for a physician, I worked in the Medical Records department. This department's primary objective is to maintain records and ensure compliance as per regulatory mandates. The entire department consisted of four individuals each individual functions as a sum of its parts as explained by Syd Field in his book titled 'Screenplay.' As a team we worked cohesively and each task enabled the department to fulfil the daily requirements of the organization. By the end of the day we had to fulfil our obligations, which in turn assisted other departments in fulfilling their obligations as well. In medical records in my organization one individual prepares charts for a physician's upcoming appointments, another individual filed loose paperwork and charts, another individual maintained medical records for two of our branch location, and the team leader functioned as a liaison between management from both locations and to ensure that our department was HIPAA compliant. The implementation of a team reduces the likelihood of mistakes or mishaps because everyone is obligated to monitor one another to make sure everyone ...

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