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Working in groups: achieving synergy?

Part of being a good team player is helping other members. How can members of a workplace team help each other? How do team members know when they have achieved synergy? What should the other team members do when they uncover a social loafer?

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A good team will consist of members who share similar goals, and who have the same work ethic. Due to individual differences, not all members of the team will possess the same skills and same aptitudes; therefore, a good team will have members who have sub-set of skills that other members might not have. For example, it would be nice if one person is great with numbers, while a second person has wonderful organizational skills and a third team member is very creative. These skills will all combine together to make a strong team - as the saying goes "the whole is greater then the sum of the individual compartments". As ...

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This posting looks at group dynamic and examines how team members can work together to increase productivity.