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    Delivery of Service- Using a Work Team

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    Your health care organization has called upon you to lead a work team to identify service-quality problems within the environment.

    Answer the following questions about work teams:

    What are the benefits of a strong work team?
    What are the common problems that a work team can face when working together?
    When is it appropriate to use work teams?
    What is the individual's role within the team?
    Do you feel that a work team is beneficial to the staff?

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    In business the core initiative is to facilitate a methodology in achieving business continuity for the promotion of the company's brand identity within the targeted industry. In doing so, the work teams provide a vital component to the overall operations work flow of processes to achieving the business continuity set goals. Further, the main beneficial aspect of work teams relates towards strengthening the organization on a proficient and efficient platform - that obtains target sales projections along with quality standards.

    Let's take a look at several area of focus related to work teams:

    --What are the benefits of a strong work team?

    Aim in thinking on the beneficial aspect of a strong work team entails the building of awareness to the company's KPIs (key performance indicator) as on certain employee processes. The work team is utilizing the internal processes procedures in a way that promotes a synergy of resources built on efficiency. For instance, the work team members have employees very knowledgeable and an expert in their field, such as, healthcare or financial industry. When staff employees are knowledgeable of their overall job position duties, the outcome is beneficial to the company in performing at optimal level. Thus, the beneficial aspect is a sufficient human capital of staff members encourages a framework that contributes towards the business continuity as well as quality standards. Some key attributes to the beneficial aspects related towards work teams are as follow:

    a. Work teams can reach full potential with a well determined and goal focused employee staff (Try and think of the communication mechanism to insuring KPIs are met on a regular basis for measuring obtained / sustained knowledge base of ...

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