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Healthcare Delivery

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Healthcare systems are complex. As the chief nurse executive (CNE) at a healthcare organization, share the type of healthcare delivery system you would implement for your team. Discuss the rationale for your decision. Please have an in text citation in APA format that is no more than five years old.

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Healthcare delivery

The healthcare delivery system is very complex. It includes the operations of the system

including the management theory that is adopted by the manager. New theories and trends are

taking the place of conventional management such as Maslow and the Hierarchy of Needs.

These theories have been used extensively to show how a patient reacts to losing certain levels of

personal attainment and how the patient care must be suited to be meeting the patient needs

(Fisher, 2009).Theory X and Y have also been in place as management theories used in hospital

but suited to the needs of patient care. As a manager I would use the team approach to support

the system.

A team does not automatically work together when a manager decides to put a group
together. The dynamics of a group need to be well thought out before the first meeting. The
group members need to be grouped to have characteristics of a winning team. Obviously
everyone cannot be the quarterback so there is a place for each member on team and if each does
their job well, they will the outcome expected.
A group is not always a team. The person who chooses the ...

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A managers decisions to use the team approach to manage a new unit.

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