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Project Management - Information Flow and conflict for resources

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Any help with the below question is appreciated:

How do you structure the information flow for this team and how do you know that your priorities are ordered properly?

(To be effective you need to make sure that all sides have insight into the problems that each team is facing. One of the political aspects of any project it the potential "finger pointing" that occurs as a project that is a high priority for one area is hindered because it is a low priority project in another. Different sub teams may also view their issue as critical and push to elevate it in status they by taking critical resources from other key areas. Often the project manager needs to make focus these cross area decisions.)

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In the solution, the conflict for resources: one team against another lists 20 separate points, each containing a sentence or two of explanation.

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1. Information flow should be such as to make the teams willing to change.
2. Information flow should be such as to make the teams communicate in an open and honest manner.
3. Information flow should be such that the teams feel that they are a part of a larger organization.
4. Information flow should be structured in such a way that each team feels it can take initiative on the behalf of the organization.
5. Sequential interdependence for information and product flow can be introduced or reduced depending upon the situation with the objective of reducing conflict.
6. Proprietorship over authority, goals, territory, or resources should be ...

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