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    Organization Culture: Change

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    How would you address organizational culture to allow your subordinates to be open to change created by the introduction of a new business model you created and want adopted in the workplace within the next 12 months?

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    Organizational culture can loosely be defined as the shared assumptions, beliefs, and "normal behaviors" (norms) of a group. These are powerful influences on the way people live and act, and they define what is "normal" and how to sanction those who are not "normal." To a large degree, what we do is determined by our culture. Culture is very powerful. (One example is the cultural change effort at British Airways, which transformed an unprofitable airline with a poor reputation into a paragon of politeness and profit).


    Change and Organizational culture
    Organization comprises of individuals from different cultures and backgrounds. For instance, there can be differences in communication styles, task completion and attitudes on disclosure. (Bibikova & Kotelnikov, 2005) These differences make change management more challenging. Therefore, the interpersonal skills of the members will assist in the effectiveness of the team. For instance, if members of the team work well together, they can ...

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    This solution explains how to address organizational culture in a way that allows everyone to be open to change