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OD Consulting Team

Please act as an OD consulting team who has landed the XYZ Company as a client. Creat a case analysis using the Case Analysis Format that is attached. Please explain each section of different sections of the form and justify each recommendation.

(See attached file for full problem description)

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Case Analysis Form

I. Problems
A. Macro

The team has landed up as a client so, it is not disclosing that it has been retained by the company. So this team will look first into the strategic planning of the company that is the macro issue. Does the company have a good strategy? A good strategy will:
· have the capability to obtain the desired objective
· fit well both with the external environment and with an organization's resources and core competencies - it must appear feasible and appropriate
· have the capability of providing an organization with a sustainable competitive advantage - ideally through uniqueness and sustainability
· prove dynamic, flexible, and able to adapt to changing situations
· suffice on its own - i.e. provide value without the need for cross-subsidization
If there are problems in the strategy the group will:
Most strategic planning methodologies depend on a three-step process (sometimes called the STP process):
· Situation - evaluation of the current situation and how this current situation came to pass
· Target - definition of goals and/or objectives
· Path - mapping a possible rout to the defined goals and/or objectives
The OD group will ensure that:
· The company identifies
o the unquestioned beliefs in its industry and challenge them - Look for opportunities to re-write the rules of the industry
o look for major discontinuities in technology, lifestyle, habits, and geopolitics, and embrace the change wholeheartedly - Do not waste time making small incremental adjustments - Be prepared to create a completely new business model at any time
o more a mind-set than a formal technique
o not rule or ritual oriented, not reductionist, not reactive, not autocratic

B. Micro
A critical issue that the OD group will identify is whether a problem is considered routine/trivial VS. non-routine/difficult. The difference is not always clear. Nevertheless, action science focuses on identifying and resolving the difficult, complex, real-life problems that are critical to organizations and society. This includes the formidable challenges of leadership, innovation, informed participation, and reducing prejudice. These bewildering problems often emerge and become more significant as group participants try to formulate and carry out new plans and evaluate their work together.

II. Causes
The OD group will identify Model 1 ...