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Human Resource Plan

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McBride Financial Company Five-Year HR Forecast PowerPoint Presentation

a. Assume over the past 2 years that the following changes have occurred within McBride Financial and its environment:

1) Local labor market continued to shrink

2) Local labor costs are rising

3) Demand for McBride Financial product continued to increase

4) McBride Financial workforce is now bilingual

5) McBride Financial accident rate has increased by 50%

6) McBride Financial has experienced unsuccessful periodic labor organizing activities

7) McBride Financial CEO is terminally ill

b. Prepare a 15-20 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides Presentation with presenter's notes describing what McBride Financial needs to do over the next five years to remain competitive with regard to staffing, employee development and training, compensation and benefits, employee relations, and safety and health. Describe how you would prioritize the actions to address these changes. Address two of the following factors in your plan:

1) Technological advances

2) Globalization

3) Diversity and demographics

4) E-business

5) Ethics

I just Need Some info for the slides thanks!

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Staffing is one of the most important things that an organization can do to bring success to the company. Without experienced manpower there are no completed tasks, or quality customer service. If a company hopes to hire qualified individuals, they must be aggressive, and plan ahead in order to know the staffing needs of the organization.
Before we can begin the staffing plan process, we must first answer a few questions in order to find what it is we are looking for. For example, how much time do we want the individual to dedicate to the job? Do we want full-time, or part-time employees? What is the length of service that we are looking for? We also need to find out what it is that this potential hire can bring to the company. The last question that we need answered is, do the skills that this hire possess
match the culture of the organization.
The first method is the "you find us" method (Sullivan 2005), which consists of job fairs, campus career events, or maintains a positive communication rapport with other managers. Networking with local business, and schools is a great way to find fresh talent. This method is a great method to begin the process of becoming an organization that takes the time to recruit. We will also continue to use our internal and external corporate website, but enhancing it by using other online job search like Mondster.com, Careerbuilder.com, and Hotjobs.com. These job search engines will allow us to maintain a current, and pre-screened database of a wide range of potential employees. The Second method that we will also utilize is the "we find you" method (Sullivan 2005). The second methods that will be implemented consist of seeking employees from out competitors, referrals from current employees, friends, or family members. Mystery shopping also showcases the true nature of the employee, by seeing them in a working environment without the pressure of an interview.
Employee Development:
One way in which employee development programs can benefit an organization is by keeping it competitive with other organizations. Employee development should be treated the same way that training programs are treated: as an essential part of an organization's success. In other words, if a company eliminated its training programs, its employees would suffer and stagnate, thereby affecting the growth and success of the organization. Employee development programs should be treated as just as integral and necessary. Furthermore, by offering these types of programs, an organization is fostering an environment of learning and growth, which is also beneficial.
Another way in which employee development ...

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This solution discusses an HR plan specific to McBride Financial and a five year HR forecast.

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