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    Human Resource Management

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    Human Resources Strategic Positioning Plan - Part 1
    Assume that your learning team is a consulting firm and Riordan Manufacturing has hired you. It realizes that potentially a large group of baby boomers could retire soon. You have been hired to prepare a comprehensive Human Resources Strategic Plan for this company that will sustain the human capital and enable the organization to:
    a. Meet its ongoing goals
    b. Support the organization's goal to attract key technical and leadership human capital for long-term competitive advantage
    Locate the Riordan Manufacturing virtual organization on your rEsource page. Then, prepare a 2,000-2,500-word paper addressing the following elements:
    a. Company and Workforce Overview
    1) Identify the company goals and needs
    2) Evaluate the company's business requirements for human capital
    3) Describe how organizational culture plays a role in human resources
    4) Assess workforce diversity issues
    b. Prepare a "continuity plan" that includes the following workforce assessment:
    1) Workforce demographics: What are the implications of changing workforce demographics including the aging workforce?
    2) Job satisfaction: What are elements that lead to job satisfaction (e.g., money, flexible schedules, training, recognition)
    3) Single point failure: Identify critical skills ("single point failure"); develop a plan to mitigate this single point of failure
    4) Recruitment and selection:
    a) Methods to recruit and select potential employees (logistics, media campaign, use of agencies, colleges, job fairs, promotional materials, interview process, relocation plan)
    b) Methods to recruit other kinds of workers in the organization (e.g., part-time employees, supplemental workers, contingent workers, etc.). What is the rationale for the use of a variety of workers? What are the associated risks and advantages to using these types of employees and workers?
    5) Recommendation. Develop a recommendation for a comprehensive selection strategy that meets the business objectives noted above.
    Throughout your paper, integrate theories and concepts from your text and other sources as you review your organization. That is, what do the experts say should be happening; how does this relate to what is happening in your organization?

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    // Before discussing about the Company's goal and objective, we should get abundant knowledge about its background; it will helps us in the proceeding further. So here, we will discuss about the company overview.//

    Company Overview

    Riordan Manufacturing Company is a leading company in manufacturing of plastic goods and injection molding parts. The Company has its manufacturing plants in China, Georgia and Michigan. It is a well-established company. Company uses E-Business to buy and sell goods. E- Business helps the firm in surging up its sales. The organization also represents itself at the global level. With its art design capabilities, the company has earned a great market share in the international business environment. The firm incorporates the 'Ethical Standards'. The motto of the corporation is to serve the best quality of goods to the clientele at the lowest possible prices. Its main aim is that the customer should be satisfied with the company's product. The firm's income and revenue are increasing day by day. The employees of the company are loyal towards the organization, because company works for the employees' welfare. The two main important hallmarks of the company are extreme precision and enthusiastic quality control. It also adopts the six sigma theory for the quality management. When company takes decision regarding manufacturing, it tries to involve it's workforce in the decision making. This characteristic of the company has reduced the conflict arising situation within it and the work of the company is never hampered due to strikes.

    // After discussing the Company's over view, now we have acquired satisfactory knowledge about the firm. As per the instructions, we will move further and analyze the Company's goal and human resource needs.//

    Goal of the Riordan Manufacturing Company

    As we know without goal, one can not get success in life, as well as, the business. So it is an indispensable factor to have a goal to achieve, whether in life or in the business. Goal refers to the aim of the company. It tells where the company wants to go and what it wants to be. Goal should be 'SMART'. SMART is the acronym of the following words, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable and Timeliness. Goal can be classified as the short term, as well as, the long term (Schwetje, Vaseghi & Jodi 2007).

    Every company has some objectives. Riordan Manufacturing Company's goals are mentioned below as:

    Ø Client satisfaction: The main goal of the Riordan Manufacturing is to achieve the client satisfaction in the field of the plastic manufacturing. With the help of the achievement of the mentioned goal, company can build a long term relationship with the customers.

    Ø Ramp up the Sales: Every Company desires and focuses on the sales. It always aims at increasing its revenues.

    Ø Employee Satisfaction: The employees are the assets of the company; they are the back bone of the business. Company keeps this thing in its mind and tries to work for employee's welfare.

    Ø Profit Enhancement: Due to the competition, the profit of the company is decreasing, so company has to revamp its business policy and emphasize upon the profit enhancing policy.

    Ø Product Development: Company stresses on launching certain new product in the market. It is focusing on increasing its product line.

    Ø Diversified Business: The firm is planning to go in other sectors like the textiles and cement manufacturing. It is the long term goal of the company. So, we can say that it wants to grow it self in the competitive era and take the competitive advantage over the competitors. It is very lucid that it ponders upon the over all growth ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2238 words with references.