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    HR - motivators for employees

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    Consider the following profile of Company and its employees. Describe what you would consider to be motivators to the respective employees as well as the types of HR process you recommend to Company from an HR perspective to keep them happy and motivated, especially in today tight labor market?

    Company - 70 yrs. In existence

    100,000 employees

    Age of employees Percent of workforce

    25 - 35 = 25%

    36 - 45 = 50%

    46 ++ = 25%

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    Human resource is the key element of any organization. An organization must make continuous efforts to maintain their man power. This can be done effectively by motivating them. Human motives are the inner state that directs behavior towards the accomplishment of goals (Berelson & Steiner). Motivation is the process of creating conditions in which people are willing to work with zeal, enthusiasm, interest, initiative, responsibility and discipline so that organizational goals can be achieved effectively.
    Organization in the given case is having 100,000 employees which can be classified in to three categories on the basis of their age. These three categories are age group of 25-35, age group of 36-45 and 46++. The majority of employees belong to second category (50%) i.e. age group of 36-45. Each of the remaining categories is having 25% of employees. For these employees there are many financial and non-financial motivators. Financial motivators includes wages and salary, bonuses, profit sharing, leave with pay, medical reimbursement and other incentives that are connected either directly or indirectly with money. Money is the basic need of each and every individual. It is only the money which satisfy various other needs of human being such as ...

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