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Creating a resume, application letter and response for employers

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Prepare a resume focusing on obtaining a general management position at any restaurant. Include 5 years experience in the restaurant business.

2) Application letter- this is for the same business.

3) Develop at least 5 questions that this company could expect you to address if you were granted an interview for this particular job. Create responses that are interesting, and professional, that create an individual competitive advantage, and are scrupulously honest.

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In this solution we create a resume, cover letter and five interview questions with well thought out answers to them.

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I have attached the resume and cover application/cover letter to this posting. The 5 questions are below. The last question is one that I have always been asked in an interview. I think you may want to add a couple of more answers depending upon the assignment. Look this over carefully to be sure it meets the assignments requirements. If you need to make any changes you will have an excellent foundation on which to work.

Questions that may be asked at an interview are: ...

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