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    Creating an Effective Workforce

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    Comprehensive overview and details to creating an effective workforce using WBS Charts to outline duties as designated by work scenario.

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    Creating an Effective Work Force

    Team Project and Scenario

    A company is constantly having turnovers with employees and managers. There were complaints about bickering among managers and employees. Managers complained about having to deal with employees bad attitudes, not being on time for work or not faithful to coming into work, and managers feel that the most employees are not putting out in high volume work. Employees are complaining about low pay rates, heavy workload, not being made aware of changes that affect their jobs, too much favoritism is going on, and that the managers do not appreciate the work they do. We are a management team that was called in to a meeting to discuss and implement new ways of communicating for the entire company and to address the other issues above.

    Manager's issues Employee's issues

    Employee's bad attitude Low Pay rates
    Late for work or constantly absent Overwhelmed w/heavy workload
    Employee's productivity is low not aware of changes effecting their jobs
    The practice of favoritism
    Managers not appreciative of their hard work

    Needs identification:

    o Better work environment/interpersonal relations
    o Increase employee loyalty and commitment to work
    o Better communication practice
    o Employee recognition/ Moral Boost/ New pay and evaluation system
    o Equal work distribution


    Implement a character-training program for both managers and employees to participate

    Create a revised effective incentive program to award points for perfect attendance and most positive attitude in conjunction to receiving yearly pay raises, create a quarterly awards program that recognizes innovative ideas, high productivity, skills development, and employee with the most satisfied customer report can receive various rewards. In addition, a monthly bonus program, where cash can be given only doing the months that the company pulls together and performs well.

    Review work load and determined if there is a need for additional hire help for high volume seasons, if work is being distributing fairly among the employees, or does the work just simply needs to be broken down into a smaller manageable size in units.

    Reconstruct and implement an open communication system that will allow both managers and employees to have access/knowledge to changes and important news as warrant

    Objectives for our goals:

    Juggling characters (Out with the old and in with the new)

    The idea of executives, managers, and employees participating in the Character-training class for twelve months is to establish an effective interpersonal relationship with each other. This will help each person to become aware of and exercise behaviors that has a positive effect on relationships and the working environment. In Character Training, they all will study the 49 Character that determines Success. The character training consist of a once a week meeting for twelve months to read and converse upon one of the forty-nine characters such as trust, faith, tolerance, persuasiveness, patience, obedience, Thank you to others, just to name a few. In addition, executives, managers, and assistant managers will undergo an additional training called leadership perspectives. This portion of the training will address visionary, teacher, server, organizer, mediator, idealist, and provider. The purpose of this training is to consciously build rapport, model positive attitudes, and behaviors from the executives to the employees in the company. In addition, it is to help each individual to recognize the influence of his or her own interactions on others.

    In addition, we will give each manager a framed wall poster that is called "What Employees expects"

    Express appreciation and concern for work-related and personal issues
    Make decisions that are sound and fair
    Plan to meet the needs of those involved
    Listen deeply beyond the natural ears
    Options, tolerance, creativity are available at all times use them
    Your biases, assumptions, judgments, and habits influences others
    Exercise self-awareness and control
    Establish solid communication by given good feedback
    Stay focus on your assets the employees

    In addition, we will give each employee a framed wall poster that is called "What Managers expects"

    Manage your attitude, behavior, and work ethics with integrity
    Assertiveness, self-motivation, and determination is valuable only w/action
    No, is not an option; it should only be used when wanting to give up
    A desired employee is one who respects everyone and everything
    Goals are given to employees to enable perfection
    Exercise self-awareness and solid communication by given positive feedback
    Remember your success begins with your commitment
    Stay focus and ...