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    Create an innovative environment in daycare or teaching

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    See the 7 questions below:

    We have discussed numerous topics as it relates to creativity, innovation and design. One key point discussed was that without implementation of our creative ideas there is no innovation.

    (Daycare owner or a Teaching career)

    You are the leaders of the future. I want you to envision a potential Daycare owner or a Teaching career that you would like to have in the future. Envision that you are the CEO of that organization and have complete control. Explain in detail what you would do to create an innovative environment. I want you to explain in detail how you would address the following.

    1. What innovation would like to implement?
    2. What type of innovation would this be? (Chapter 1-Managing Innovation)
    3· Do you plan to use a planned or emergent strategy? (Chapter 6-Managing Innovation)
    4· Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats as it relates to your innovation and the market?
    5· If you need to collaborate to succeed what are the factors that you need to consider?
    6· Of the six leadership characteristics listed in chapter 30 of Managing Innovation which has the most influence on your leadership style?
    7· Explain in detail two initiatives that you would put into place for your organization to make your idea a success. You can pick anything that makes sense to you. This can be a people management strategy or a product strategy. Your choice, just be specific on the details!

    Organize the solution in terms of an introduction, body, and summary/conclusion.

    Please provide proper references and cites properly format. If you are using a book, please name, author, chapter, paragraph and page number(s)

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    // Creation of an innovative environment in an organization is not a difficult task, if correct leadership is there and people are more willing to change. In order to approach a paper like this, we need to get thorough with various inter relationships between innovation and leadership. In this paper, innovation in a day care business has been discussed. One of such example is given below://

    Innovations to be implemented

    In today's competitive milieu, the need of day care is increasing, as both the parents are working, in order to provide a healthy lifestyle to their children. Increasing nuclear families in the society is also contributing to the trend. There are various innovations that can be introduced in this business. This includes the introduction of various innovative learning tools and system, which can ensure right development of the young ones. The emphasis would be on providing the best grooming grounds for the child. The diet of the children would be looked properly through a properly designed diet program by doctors. The children would go through a medical checkup twice a month, so that their health irregularities can be brought to their parents' notice. There would be parent and day care staff in-charge meeting twice a month, where the updates regarding the child can be given to the parent (Von Stamm, 2008, pp.359).

    // Above we gave a brief review about the innovation to be implemented. Now, we would be discussing about the type of this innovation. In addition, we would also discuss the kind of strategy, which we would utilize.//

    Types of ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1053 words with references.