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Presentation on Investing in a Dream Business

Prepare a presentation using software such as PowerPoint (.ppt), Acrobat (.pdf) or Flash (.swf). Prepare no less than 5 and no more than 10 slides with accompanying script that tells what you will say with each slide. This should be submitted in two documents.

Topic: I am a venture capitalist looking for an business in which to invest. Prepare a presentation highlighting your "dream" business and convince me that your business is the one that deserves my investment.

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I will attach a sample powerpoint, but include the text directly here. You can create a word document for the script.

Slide 1:
- Thank you for coming to our presentation
- Our concept is a a new upscale daycare

Slide 2:
- There are a lot of daycares out there, however, the unfortunate truth is that a lot of them are not up to par
- Many of them have too many kids in one class to reduce costs. It is expensive to hire teachers, so if you can squeeze a few more kids in the daycare "benefits"
- As well, often the daycare is not super clean, which means that there are more germs in the classroom, and more opportunity for kids to get sick
- Some of the toys are not up to date. There has been a huge boom in the availability of educational toys, and having outdated toys is not beneficial to kid's development
- Some daycare workers are burned out due to having too many kids in the class, and are not able ...

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This solution provides a presentation that might convince a venture capitalist to invest in a "dream" business.