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    Compensation Of Special Groups and Unions

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    1. What is the single most important concept about this topic?
    2. What would you recommend for your organization to adopt?
    3. What are you willing to apply to this topic?
    4. What difference will it make to your organization if you or your management would adopt and apply that concept?

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    1-What is the single most important concept about this topic?

    The single most important concept about this topic is that special groups and unions desire a way that is reasonable and not discriminatory to their current positions. This is because everyone desires to be treated equally regardless of what job one holds within a company. A business that chooses to behave with bias is one where issues do arise, which can cause more harm than good. Consequently, law suits can arise that could eventually put the firm out of business. Hence, there is every reason to have this handled properly rather than the opposite because it could cost everyone everything they have worked for in a short or long ...

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    This solution discusses compensation of special groups and unions.