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Comfortable Shoes HR Professional

You have been hired by Mr. Johnson as an HR professional to work in his company, "Comfortable Shoes". Mr. Johnson has not had a human resource person before, and has been handling all of the human resource functions by himself. He has now opened a total of three Comfortable Shoe stores, and has decided that he can afford a human resources professional. He feels he needs to focus on his future store development, and not deal with human resource functions. He especially does not have time to continually replace and individually train the sales people in his stores. Your first task is to create a work plan for yourself for the first year. Tell me five issues/concerns/topics that you believe will be most important to address in this first year work plan, and explain why each issue is of critical importance to be managed the first year.

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5 issues or concerns that need to be addressed in the first year and why:

1. training program-a formalized training program should be implimented due to the turnover rate in retail and the constant hiring and training of new employees

2. standardization of new employee ...

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