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Teaching a Child to Tie Her Shoes Without Using Modeling

How could you teach a child to tie her shoes without using modeling?

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This would be very difficult to do especially at the young age when children usually begin to learn to tie their shoes (3 or 4). Children rely a great deal on modeling from their parents, family and other children to learn what they should be doing and how they should be doing it.

In order to teach a child how to tie her shoes without modeling, language will be the most important factor. You will need to describe to the child how she will tie her shoes with a step by step process. It will require a good grasp of the language on the part of the child as well as a good understanding of spacial complexities (hand eye coordination).

Below is a traditional step by step approach for teaching a child to tie their shoes, in step three, I will note where the changes must be made to omit the ...

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The expert determines how to teach a child to tie her shoes without using modeling.