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Annotated Bibliography: Employee Hiring and Training

I need help with this assignment:
Complete an Annotated Bibliography of five articles that discuss employee hiring and training.

Include in your answer a brief description of each learning style.

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López, S. P., Peón, J. M. M, & Ordás, C. J. V. (2006). Human Resource Management as a Determining Factor in Organizational Learning. Management Learning, 37 (2), 215-239.
The authors, professors and researchers at the Department of Business Administration at the University of Oviedo, tested their hypothesis that there is a direct relationship between hiring, training, compensation and decision-making to organization learning on a sample of 195 Spanish companies using structural equation modeling technique. They find their hypothesis strongly supported by their data. More specifically the authors found out that selective hiring, strategic training and employee participation in decision making significantly and positively influence organization learning.
Thus, Joseph Gillian, cited below, in an earlier study emphasized the financial and non-financial benefits to both employers and employees of maintaining a drug-free workplace and how such a place should form part of the organization's hiring ...

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