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HR - Haliburton

Assume you are the HR Manager of the team working to restore the oil industry in Iraq. Develop a training plan and a compensation/benefits plan for use with this team. Be creative, but don't waste company resources. Be sensitive to Iraqi culture, but also to keeping employees safe.

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First two weeks:
1. The Iraqi business environment;
2. Includes, Iraqi Culture and Iraqi Economy;
3. The working practices in Iraq;
4. Organizational structure in Halliburton Iraqi facility;
5. Working relationships in Iraq;
6. Business practices in Iraq;
7. Iraqi Business Etiquette:
To be conducted by a trainer from an Iraqi oil installation:

Final two weeks:
1. The special oil production problems in Iraq:
2. The special oil wells operations problems in Iraq;
3. The special oil wells maintenance problems in Iraq;
4. The special oil conversion and refining problems in Iraq:
5. Special issues related to ...

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