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    Five project deliverable focusing on an account executive position

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    Executive Summary introducing HR materials and case for how these steps support the organizations strategic plan.

    Presentation on job analysis of 3-5 slides covering the process of identifying the job, job description, determine suitability of teamwork.

    Tips for the selection process to include recommendations on one internal and one external recruiting method, list of interview questions, description of compensation, incentive and benefit plan.

    Script for orienting new sales people to include an orientation workshop/class. Identify legal issues addressing privacy, sexual harassment and immigration.

    Training proposal to include map outlining sales development process and opportunities for advancement.

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    Job Analysis
    Job Analysis is a process to establish and document the 'job relatedness' of employment procedures such as training, selection, compensation, and performance appraisal.

    For the position of a waiter, the following job analysis methods are being used.

    Sociability: Waiters scoring lower in Sociability often handle the flow of food and beverage to tables quite successfully. They're reasonably warm and friendly to the customers and are not likely to spend their time in idle chatter. Their sales style relies totally on carefully rehearsed patter.

    As may be anticipated, high Sociability waiters tended to be charming and likeable, and many were "naturals" for selling. In the early part of service they circulated selling beverages preferring to allow others to handle the flow of food. After main course they moved about the tables realizing high-margin add-on sales opportunities. Of course while they stand and chat you'll consider hiring addition staff just to move the food!

    Energy Level: With higher Energy Levels waiters food running productivity can be excellent. These types prefer to be active and on the move. Beware, though, that attentiveness to service does not suffer during off-peak nights. When there's little to engage their energies, an apparent lack of interest can arise. Of course, lower Energy Level waiters, can stand around a great deal too - apparently waiting to be told what to do next.

    Some of the other common criterias for analyzing/testing are as follows:

    General speed
    Being observant (e.g. noticing empty glasses)
    welcoming, friendly, and polite
    comfortable with dealing with customers
    interested in food and have a knowledge of drinks
    clean and tidy, with high ...

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