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McDonald's delivery in US

I'm writing part of the business paper on McDonalds delivery in US. Please help me craft the following:

A. Opportunity and Implementation
1.Statement of key opportunity (using website to make delivery as an opportunity)
B.Goals & objectives
C.Contingency Plan

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//Before writing about the details of the business paper on McDonald's, we will write about the basic overview of the company under the heading of introduction. Then, we will write about he history of the company for assessing the complete business performance of the company over a period of time.//


In this business paper, I have given the introduction of McDonald and its product. I am discussing about the Mc Donald's Home delivery services and the delivery services in US. Mc Donald's has started its delivery services in near about 25 countries but it has not started it yet in the United States. After discussing this, I have explained about the goals and objectives; opportunities available and the importance of the contingency plan.

About McDonald's:

McDonald's is the top international retailer for foodservice. It has over 30,000 local restaurants providing 52 million people with world class fast-food in more than 100 countries every day (A Brief History of McDonald, 2005). McDonald's company is the world's largest chain of junk food restaurant. It is also known as a fast food operator. It is involved in selling burgers, French-fries, Chicken McNuggets and Egg McMuffin, softdrinks, shakes, and icecreams (A Brief History of McDonald, 2005).

It holds a prime share in the worldwide recognized quick service restaurant industry of the informal eat-out market in almost all the countries where it operates. Near about 70 % restaurants of Mc Donald's are local and have an independent franchisee, and operate globally (A Brief History of McDonald, 2005). They pay their employees accordingly and make an effort that no employee is overburdened. Employees are trained how to respect the customers as Mc Donald's understand that customers are precious and they do not want to give them any chance so that the customers could give them a chance to serve.

//Above, we discussed about the overview of the company. Now, we will write about the McDonald's home delivery service. Then, we will write about the McDonald's delivery in US market. It will assist in understanding the services of the company and its distribution in the US market.//

Mc Donald's Home Delivery Service:

Mc Donald's has started its Home Delivery service for the reasonable junk-food addicts and it was a privileged thing. For the Home delivery services, the customers have to just dial an easy remember number and within 20 minutes the order would be at the doorstep. The objective of the Mc Donald's behind offering a home delivery is that they want to reach out to the customers and increase their penetration.

Mc Donald's Corp is world's biggest food chain that has started offering home delivery in Shanghai with the aim to enhance sales (Shen, 2008). McDonald's offers home delivery in more than 25 countries, including India, South Korea, Malaysia and Egypt, but not in the United States (Shen, 2008). McDonald's has put up a number of motorcycles to deliver hamburgers from restaurants to the customers. Peoples are getting ...

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