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    Standards and rules of conduct established in an organization

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    Please review the case questions that should only be used as a guideline in writing our formal academic paper. Then take all the cases and then interpret the standards and rules of conduct in real-world situations so we may be better equipped to deal with such challenges in our future employment.

    Please ignore the specifics of the studies and the questions, and focus on what they all have in common. All of these are situations where you have to decide whether your duty to the public outweighs your duty to the company, and I don't see a single situation where I would choose the company. Sure, you can try to minimize the pain to the company, but honesty and integrity to the public have to come first.

    Take and use the attached Document and Write a paper of approximarly 1,050 words.

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    The Response Addresses the Query which is Posted in 1050 Words in APA Referencing.

    // The standards and rules of conduct established in an organization are the major driving force in the decision-making process. In this regard, the following discussion will provide the standards and rules of ethical conduct obtained by analyzing and reviewing various case studies like conflict of interest, product and advertising and others which are also common in real world situations.//

    In spite of fulfilling the needs and requirements of the consumers and earning a good profit, most of the organizations are unable to sustain a proper position in the marketplace. It serves to be the biggest challenge for the organization to maintain an equilibrium between its profitability and customer satisfaction by maintaining honesty and integrity. The standards and ethical code of conduct establish a guideline so that the response and behavior reflected from the employees promote harmony in the organization. For the organization, it is also important to indicate proper ethical code of conduct to the public also. The primary responsibility of the business is to safeguard the interest of the society. By concerning this, the organization establishes standards and rules of conduct which teaches the organization members about their expected behaviors. Although, the behavior of any person can never be modified by any rule or standard, yet it can pose a control over the behavior of the concerned person. An organization that continuously conducts its business practices by taking utmost care of ethics enjoys the various advantage. It includes customer loyalty, customer retention, customer satisfaction, market development, improved goodwill and competitive advantage (IET, 2016).

    According to a the ethical theory of consequentialism, a person should drive its course of action by considering the consequences as a whole. The human actions must be ...

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    The standards and rules of conducting established in an organization is examined. The Response Addresses the Query which is Posted in 1050 Words in APA Referencing.