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    ACC/546 Other Assurances & Non Assurance Services

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    The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants sets standards and rules for the CPA profession in five major areas. Of these five, which is the most important and why?

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    1. The AICPA issues official pronouncements on auditing matters - Statements on Auditing Standards. The PCAOB has adopted these temporarily for public companies (issuers). These are still the standard for private (non-issuers) companies.

    2. The AICPA has adopted ethical rules for CPAs (their Code of Professional Conduct) and will sanction or expel members who do not follow the rules.

    3. The AICPA sets the continuing education requirement for the profession.

    4. The AICPA requires that firms that audit public companies enroll in an approved ...

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    Your tutorial is 324 words and gives the five areas where the AICPA sets rules and indicates which, in my opinion, is the most important, and why.