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    Develop a proposal for a US company selling consumer electronics that wants to expand to South Korea. Include an economic assessment of the country, a risk mitigation plan, a financing plan and a concluding recommendation.

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    Investment in South Korea

    Economic assessment of South Korea:
    If we look at the economic data of South Korea few decades ago we can find that South Korea was among the group of poor nation. But the country started improving since 1960s and become a high-tech industrial economy with amazing economic growth and global integration. The country become a trillion dollar economy in the year 2004 and is ranked among top 20 economies of the world. The economic growth of South Korea started with a system of close government and business ties along with directed credit and import restrictions. Also the government of South Korea made import of raw materials and technology attractive at the expense of consumer goods and this in turn encouraged savings and investment over consumption in the country. The economic growth of the company got affected during the Asian financial crisis of 1997-98 and the main reason found for this was high debt to equity ratios and a massive ...

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    This solution goes through a proposal for a US company wanting to expand to South Korea. This include an economic assessment of the country, a risk mitigation plan, and concluding recommendation.