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Healthcare Reform Ramifications and Issues

Identify the three main issues, in your opinion, that are associated with the new health care reform from a health care manager's perspective.

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One of the main issues that is associated with the new healthcare reform from a healthcare managers perspective, is the need to develop a plan by which to be able to handle the greater influx of patients or clients, due to the fact that more individuals will be receiving the healthcare insurance coverage that they need, which will mean that more individuals will be entering healthcare facilities for healthcare treatment. Managers will need to develop and implement a plan by which the staff that they have, can be used in a much more efficient and effective manner, so that they can handle the maximum number of patients or clients, without any decline in the quality of the care that the patients receive. In order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, healthcare managers at hospitals and other healthcare facilities and organizations, would have to statistically determine what will be the greatest number of patients that can be handled by each physician, without any correlating loss in the level of care that these patients ...