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    Public Health Policy

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    Provide a public good rationale for the type of health issues/decisions that should be made collectively versus individually. Propose a similar argument based on equity considerations. Are these arguments for collective versus private decision-making reflected in the Medicare reform proposals of the ACA and Romney/Ryan? Explain.

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    A very good rationale for health issues that should be made collectively is the fact that the issue of universal healthcare should be a collectively made decision by the people and or the elected officials. This aspect of healthcare should be decided on in a collective manner due to the fact that this aspect of health care affects the total population of the nation collectively, instead of individuals only. Due to the fact that there is such a far-reaching effect of this healthcare issue, it is not an issue that should be decided by one individual or an elite group of individuals within the nation. It is proper that an issue of this nature has been decided in a collective manner utilizing the power of elected officials including the president and the Congress who were duly elected by the people of this nation as representatives of their collective will. Due to the fact that this decision would affect the overall state of the public good, it is obviously a decision that should be made collectively.

    Another very important health related issue or decision that should be made collectively versus individually, is the issue and or decision regarding the ability of the public at large to have access to cheaper medications from abroad, such as those offered by Canadian pharmaceutical companies. This issue should also be handled in a ...