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Improving performance through selection and retention

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My hope is to build a foundation, on the problems faced by Zak. The pieces history, competition, consultant report, and memo from key executives have been reduced down to 13 pages.

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Improving Zak - Squared's performance through improved variation, selection, and retention is explained with possible strategies.

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Zak - Squared has the second largest market share in U.S and has the third largest share and revenues in the world. In spite of being third, the company's net income is almost four times as Bach - Schlies. This demonstrates us that U.S market is still much profitable then Europe. Increasing global operating costs of Zak during the expansion period , outpaced its increase in revenue which resulted in loss, while its European and Indian competitors were making more profits in U.S with their market development strategies. To avoid future losses first of all the company should should turn back to phase two stage if its unable to keep the strong reputation for providing ERP services in Europe because of expansion. Disappointing initial customers is worse ...

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