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    Understanding E-Commerce

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    What is e-commerce? What are some of the potential problems and the barriers encountered when establishing a successful global e-business?

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    E-Commerce simply put is buying and selling of either services or merchandise by businesses and consumers using an electronic means. In other words no paper documents at all. E-commerce is most widely considered to be the buying and selling of services and products via the internet however any transaction completed solely through an electronic means can be viewed and considered to be e-commerce. There are three categories that e-commerce is broken down into which are:

    1. Business to business, i.e. B2B such as Cisco.
    2. Business to consumer, i.e. B2c such as Amazon
    3. Consumer to consumer, i.e.C2C such as eBay

    There are five common problems related to e-commerce and they are as follows:

    1. Security. Never underestimate how important this is to the customer. Often a website will not recognize how many shoppers are concerned with entering personal information in some ...

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    This response provides simple easy to understand explanations of e-commerce and potential problems one might encounter when growing your e-business globally.