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    Countries Use the Same Legal Framework for eCommerce

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    How would you ensure that all countries put the same legal framework for eCommerce in place? What would be in your opinion the consequences for countries who have different standards in place?

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    E-commerce helps the customer to choose its product from a large range over the internet irrespective of the place. To operate e-commerce business activity in a well defined way, the government of all economies has to implement same policies that protect both customers and sellers (Chan and Chang 2007). This report enhances understanding for importance of implementing common rules in e-commerce activity and also to learn about the consequences, if the laws and regulation will be different in different countries.

    Legal Framework:

    The same legal structure in e-commerce around all the counties of the world will help the seller and buyer to trade in an effective market. It increases the efficiency of the trade and helps in reducing the illegal offences (Thanasankit 2003). Common legal framework is defined as the use of same rules and regulation for e-trading in all the countries that will protect the customer from frauds such as improper delivery of the purchased goods, illegal uses of the account information given by the buyer or other people at the time of purchase (Qin 2009).

    The legal framework includes that all the sellers have to take permit from the government, so that they could not exit from the market in very short time period. This helps to government and customers to ensure protection of ...

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