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    Managing content on an e-Commerce Site

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    How should content on an eCommerce site be managed? What content needs to be managed, who should be responsible for site content, how should it be updated, what controls (approval processes, etc) need to be in place?

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    In order to manage content on an e-commerce site, an organization needs to be proactive in terms of ensuring that the content on the site is always up to date, accurate and comprehensive and provides accurate and reliable information to the visitors of the website. E-commerce organizations should ensure that the content is regularly updated with latest information, provides meaningful and useful information in a comprehensive manner to customers and other visitors on the website. They should also ensure that content is proprietary, does not use copyrighted info and adheres to all copyright related regulations.

    In a large e-commerce organization, a content manager/web ...

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    How should content on an eCommerce site be managed?