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Entrepreneurial Opportunities And Differences Between B2B, B2C

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Research three entrepreneurial opportunities that you might be interested in. Provide a summary of each, including why they interest you, what opportunities exist within each choice that can be exploited, and what challenges each opportunity faces.

What are the differences between business to business (B2B or B to B) and business to commerce (B2C or B to C) from an entrepreneurial standpoint?

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Koko Fit Club is an innovative revolutionary opportunity that hinges on the brink of health fitness. This is an interesting venue for entrepreneurs that would allow them to cash in on the current trend in fitness. The current trend is to maintain a healthier appearance and reduce the overwhelming number of obese individuals in the United States and abroad. In today's society, mass advertisements for Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Weightwatchers plague various communication channels in an effort to curb ones appetite through monitoring caloric intake or carbohydrates. Koko Fit Club uses technology to customize a training plan specifically for the trainee to target various areas for a maximized 30 minute workout. Some weight loss centers are more gimmicky than helpful to a consumer's primary goals. Koko Fit Club is an opportunity that is not "just another gym" fighting it out with every other gym over the same customer. Koko is a whole new way to exercise that has hooked fans all around the country. Their Smartraining System uniquely serves the needs of the millions of people who don't have time to waste at a traditional gym and who want better results than they currently get exercising on their own. These people see the value of personal training, but the costs and rigid scheduling make it impractical for their lives" (Koko, 2012). One of the supreme advantages of owning and operating a Koko fit club is that they can be operated by one part-time employee thus alleviating the need for additional employees and the integration of a management team. The initial investment may be a challenge for entrepreneurs who are not established. More disadvantages may be identified if you request the company's brochure on their website.

Huntington Learning Center (HLC) is a franchise opportunity that allows entrepreneurs to ...

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To expand project sales, consideration is being given by the owners to sell to consumers (B2C).

To expand project sales, consideration is being given by the owners to sell to consumers (B2C). They realize it presents sales challenges regarding staffing and types of products. They ask the staff their opinions about it.

* Would you prefer to sell to businesses (B2B) or consumers (B2C) or both and why?
* Suggestions for Studio management?

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