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    Electronic Commerce Software

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    Using the Web or other resources, find an article that describes a successful application of Web services. Describe how the company implemented the Web services application and explain why using Web services was better than using an alternative approach to solve the problem.

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    Electronic Commerce Software:

    The rise in technology has facilitated the manner in which companies conduct their business operations in the world today. Internet, especially the use of e commerce has made it even easier for companies to venture into new business opportunities and increase the level of their competition as they have the capability of serving even larger numbers of customers throughout the globe. Internet and the web applications use which has been advent in the world today has played part in the reduction of the existing structured problems which were in existence (French, 2011).

    Different levels of pressure face the business environment concerning especially the existing relationship between suppliers, customers and partners. Information technology has made it easier for business to generate information systems which are decentralized. Service Oriented Application (SOA) is an ...

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