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    Chain of Result Elements & Alignment Opportunities

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    1. Imagine yourself sitting in the auditorium of a larger corporation as the CEO expounds on the company's new vision for 2020 and the way that this corporation will be making "sustainable" services and "green" products for non-industrial economies as well as for the web-enabled e-commerce societies. You are seeing the Chain of Results diagram in your mind's eye and are beginning to look for the alignment opportunities that are emerging. Describe the Chain of Results elements and how each element provides alignment opportunities.

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    The Chain of Results elements in the case of the company described would begin with the Macro results. One would refer to the organization's mission statement for this information regarding the desired organizational results. Measureable results would need to be defined, such as the type of sustainable services and green products that would be developed, and the non-industrial economies and web-enabled e-commerce societies that would be targeted. All decisions within the organization would then be aligned with these concrete objectives. In this manner, each decision that the company needs to make would be considered in light of the mission statement, and if the result would not move the organization closer to its mission then the action should not be undertaken.

    The Mega results would involve societal results. The organizational action would need to be in line with those of societies' needs and desires based on shared goals and objectives of, in this case non-industrial economies and web-enabled e-commerce societies. The CEO has already outlined a vision based upon what he views as societal needs, and his intention to align the organization with this need. An example might be ...

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    This solution addresses developing a Chain of Results diagram. It addresses the elements and how each provides alignment opportunities.