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Compared m-commerce and e-business/e-commerce; give examples; four questions (telemedicine, auctions, communication)

(approximately 200 words per question)

1. Traditionally, medicine has been a both a science and a calling. Is it appropriate to think of telemedicine as a business? Why or why not?

2. Chapter 10 of Electronic Commerce 2008 discusses e-auctions. By their nature, auctions of any sort carry great variability in price. How would incorporating e-auctions into your business plan complicate business planning, and how might a manager compensate?

3. Describe typical communications situations in your organization; then, discuss the most effective, cost-effective, and reliable technologies and information formats for delivering needed information. Do these technologies and information formats differ for the virtual worker and the traditional worker?

4. Chapter 9 of Electronic Commerce 2008 discusses m-commerce. In your own words, how do you think m-commerce communications differs from other e-commerce?