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    Create a strategy statement for Shomie

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    Attached is an 8 page document giving a good overview of the industry, and strengths of each. The interviews are limited, and spent some time on the manufacturing. Create a basic strategy based only the limited information given.

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    (P.S : generic corporate strategy is formulated according to current vision and objectives of
    the company, however these strategies are classified under specific categories to be understood
    more clearly.

    In a strategic plan first of all the we need to identify Shomei's existing mission, objectives and basic approach to the competition in its primary industries. Then the general conditions should be assessed, internal & external situations should be analyzed and alternative strategies according to the outcomes of analyses should be formulated. Finally we need to choose the strategies which fit better to the company's goals or missions.

    Let's give a brief overview of the company's objectives according to the interviews made with the executives and employees:

    Overview of Existing Vision and Objectives

    Shomei wants to be known as a company which focuses on creativity, quality and continuous improvement on designs and the efficiency of operations. Company wants to create its own standards with the materials used and the production methods so that products can be easily distinguished from competitors'. Another important objective of the company is to focus on consumers continually and deliver the best customer experience. Shomei wants to offer products and services that are high tech, low cost ...

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    Given industry information and interviews, the 822 word solution presents a comprehensive strategy statement for Shomie.