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    Low Expectancy/Successful Performance

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    Describe a real-world situation from your present or former employer where a supervisor's feedback instructed or motivated others to take action.Identify and describe which motivational theory or theories from this module the supervisor considered (or should have considered) prior to addressing the situation.Describe whether or not the supervisor's motivational strategy was effective at bringing about positive (or negative) change in others' behavior. If the supervisor's strategy proved ineffective, explain alternative or follow-up actions you might take to improve the results.
    Imagine that an employee who reports to you has a low expectancy for successful performance. Identify and describe at least two possible actions you might take to increase this person's expectancy

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    In my current employment, my team makes plastic molds for toys. Two months ago, the supervisor of our team asked our team to double the output of molds at least for the next three months. (He is not our team leader). He told us that if we doubled the output, our team will be recognized in our company as the top team and each team member will get "excellent" performance evaluation.
    In my opinion the ...

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