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    Validity of Depreciation Situations

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    The cost of a depreciable asset less accumulated depreciation reflects the book value of the asset. True or False

    The safeguarding of assets is an objective of a company's system of internal control. True or False

    Accounts receivable are one of a company's least liquid assets. True or False

    The direct write-off method of accounting for uncollectible accounts is preferred by GAAP. True or False

    Current liabilities are expected to be paid within one year or the operating cycle, whichever is longer. True or False

    The contractual interest rate is always less than the market rate of interest on the dates that bonds are issued. True or False

    Corporations often issue bonds rather than secure bank financing because many banks are unwilling to lend large amounts of capital to any one firm. True or False

    As soon as a corporation is authorized to sell stock, an accounting journal entry should be made recording the total value of the shares authorized. True or False

    Current liabilities are included when determining working capital. True or False

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    1. True
    Book Value = Cost - Accumulated Depreciation

    2. True
    Safeguarding assets is an internal control objective

    3. False
    Inventory of ...

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