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Career decision

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Can you please help me with these two questions? I kept trying but did not come up with a suggestion. Attached is the questions...Thanks in advance.

Life Situation Financial Data

Single Monthly Income $1,750
Age 21 Living Expenses $1,210
No dependents Personal Property $7,300
College Student Savings $2,000
Student Loan $3,000
Credit Card Debt $2,400

Shelby Johnson's current employment position, a grooming specialist for a local pet store, provides her with a lot of interesting activities each day. While she is not part of management, she does have the opportunity to use various communication skills, record business transactions, and use current technology tools. Shelby especially enjoys working with the pets and their owners to achieve a pleasing experience.
Her income is based on an hourly wage which can result in financial stress during times of inflation. She has previously used her credit cards to help make ends meet each month. However, the experience she is gaining will be especially valuable when she opens her own pet salon in the future.

What suggestions do you think Shelby should consider related to her current and future career activities?
Describe show Shelby might use the following personal Financial Planner sheets for career planning Resume Worksheet and Preparing for an interview.

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Shelby should try to gather as much experience as possible in her current career position and try to save as much funds as possible, so that she can invest in her pet salon in the future. The current experience will be very valuable for Shelly to open and operate her own salon successfully. She should also try to pay her current debt ...

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Discusses career decision for a professional in the pet salon industry.

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