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Survey Instruments

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This assignment should form the basis for how the identified project will be implemented. This will facilitate the completion of the project.

Implement survey instruments.
Organize the data into a spreadsheet or a tool of your choice that will help you analyze the data by first putting this data into charts and tables.

Indicate how these tools and data will be integrated into a coherent plan. Particular attention should be paid to any issues within the operations management or situation that would make the implementation technique too costly or likely to fail to win sufficient support from stakeholders within the organization.

Particular attention should be paid to potential resistance to change within the organization.

Prepare a financial overview of the cost of the chosen implementation techniques.
Include in this overview the charts and tables with a detailed explanation for each.
Prepare an Executive Summary outlining topics for detailed analysis for discussion guide with executive board.
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation to coincide with this executive summary.


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//The paper involves a discussion about the strategy that is selected by the company. The strategy so selected is merger and acquisition. The strategy allows the company to reach at the heightened level of success. The main aim of the paper is to identify the strategy and it side by side also discusses about the positive aspects that are connected with the merger and the acquisition strategy.//

Executive Summary

The paper is made remarkable and unique with the help of dividing the paper into various sections. The introduction part talks about the strategy that is being introduced by the company. At the same time, the situation is also reviewed at the best extent. The next part talks about the survey instruments that are utilized for the accomplishment of the task. The selected methods are the questionnaire and the interview method. Moving on ahead, the data collection and the analysis part are reviewed. The problems are also drawn out and at last, an overall financial overview is provided for the project strategy.


The paper requires focusing on the HP strategy that will help the company to grow and develop in a coming time. The company makes use of the merger and the acquisition strategy and this empowers the firm to experience a good time. The strategy so implemented proves fruitful for the company in a way that it raises the profit potential of the company. The company should also examine the productivity of the plan and with this only the company can experience growth and development. The formulation of the strategy should be well planned and organized (Ryall & Craig, 2003).

The strategy that is devised in a proper manner does not find trouble at the time of implementation. The organization should see to it that the strategy so planned is executed in a better way. The area of operation is that the strategy so developed should be able to meet out the challenges that can be posed by the firm in a coming period of time. The strategy adopted by the firm is the merger and the acquisition and is practiced in an effectual manner. The paper requires involving the discussion regarding the implementation of the survey tools ands the techniques in respect with the above discussed problem (Sadler & Craig, 2003).

//Moving ahead, the paper talks about the survey instruments that are chosen for the accomplishment of the project in a better way. It requires from the part of the respondents to react towards the survey instruments.//

Survey Instruments

The survey instruments assist the organization to examine the productivity of the strategies so designed. The main aim of the survey is to draw out the viability of the strategies that are formulated by the company in order to attain growth and progress. With the help of a survey, the organization can experience the practical application of the strategy that is framed by the firm. The survey instruments used by the firm for this task are the questionnaire and the interview method. The use of both these tools will assist the organization to evaluate the profitability of ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 2035 words with references.

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