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Social Responsibility of Companies to their Communities

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Much like individuals, organizations also exist within the community. How does an organization's responsibility within a community differ from the individual's?

Not all organizations have moved to develop socially responsible initiatives. Others may have a socially responsible effort but it may not be a fit for the organization. What might make some initiatives more appropriate for an organization than others might? What might make an initiative not an appropriate choice?

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The organization is generally able to do more, and therefore is able to have a bigger impact on their efforts to improve the community. Most large organizations, and well as many smaller ones, have implemented social responsibility and sustainability programs in order to give back to the community. All companies take away from the community and leave a thumbprint, whether it's in the form of consuming natural resources or polluting the air. When companies give ...

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This solution explains how an organization's responsibility within a community differs from an individual. This solution also explains what makes some social responsibility initiatives more appropriate for an organization than others, and what makes an initiative an inappropriate choice. All questions presented are thoroughly discusses and answered.

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