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    Information Sources on an Organisation's Structure, System, People & Culture

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    Information about a firm's internal structures, culture, people, and systems is often hard to find and takes some detective work. Often, mainstream business press like Business Week or Forbes will run a piece on a company and cover these characteristics. Sometimes you will find information in trade or industry publications. Blogs and other internet social networking sites are new sources of information not available as few as 5 or 6 years ago.

    Your task is to locate some sources where you could find information about the organizational components such as structure, system, people etc.

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    Organizational Structure

    The source given by Natural Resources Management and Environment Department is very useful to understand the various types of organizational structures and decentralization methods. In this source the readers can evaluate the lines of authority. This also clearly explains the roles of teams, committees, and task forces (Natural Resources Management and Environment Department, 1997). The source is given by Natural Resources Management and Environment Department, so it is authenticated and reliable for the readers to use it and support their research with the help of this resource. This source is reliable because the data was proved with the help of other references and researches.

    Organizational System

    The source given by Vohwinkle, J. is helpful to understand the various steps to set a financial budget for the organization. This website is good and authenticated because provide variety of educational information. The reader can understand the various ways and important aspects at the time of making organizational budget as per the objective of the business firm (Vohwinkle, 2009).

    Both of these sources given by Craig ...

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