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    Strategic Implementation of the Auto Industry

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    I need some help in gathering some ideas to write a 2-3 page paper dealing with the Strategic Implementation of the auto industry (see attachment SLP05) assignment instructions. Additionally, see the (background material) section of the above mentioned attachment for references needed. If you are not sure of the assignment requirements, please send a message first. I also need a quick solution for this problem since it is past due. Thanks.

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    Organizational Structure

    The article 'Organizational Structure as A Decentralization Device: Evidence from Corporate Pyramids', given by Joseph P.H. Fana, T.J. Wongb, and Tianyu Zhangc in January 2007 is a very effective source to evaluate the basic concept of organizational structure and decentralization. Natural Resources Management and Environment Department source provides a good understanding about the lines of authority and explains the roles of teams, committees, and task forces (Natural Resources Management and Environment Department, 1997). Both of these sources are reliable and authenticated because certified by authenticated institutes.

    Organizational System

    In order to make the budget effectively, an article is given by Vohwinkle, J. in 2009. This is very effectual to explain the various steps that are used to prepare the financial budget. This is an authentic source and provides good educational information to the readers (Vohwinkle, 2009). Preparation of budget needs both qualitative and quantitative skills to use money and time in an efficient manner.

    Another source given by Martha E. Strodel is also a very good ...

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