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Team Group conflict

Conflict exists in nature and, by extension, in all human relationships. Conflict can be something to avoid or embrace, or a more neutral approach can be taken. You will lead a group discussion on the subject among your peers. You decide that to generate a lively discussion, it is important to create a level of understanding of the role of conflict in groups and how conflict can be used to move a group forward.

- After doing some research on the topic of conflict, propose to your peers a position, and discuss the concept of conflict in teams.
- Is conflict something to avoid or embrace?
- Use examples from either your personal experience or from the literature that would support your position.

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Conflict is the quintessential essence of team development. In most cases it is the formula that motivates team members to do their best. Conflict establishes a healthy and unhealthy environment which all depends on the mentality and consensus of a group. It's been my experience that conflict can be the springboard propelling creativity and productivity, or it can be a detriment to forward movement thus stifling collaborative efforts. Putnam and Poole (1987) defines conflict as "the interaction of interdependent people who perceive opposition of goals, aims, and values, and who see the other party as potentially interfering with the realization of these goals (Miller, 2009 p. 552). I find that conflict appears in generally two forms i.e. positive and negative. Therefore an individual can decide how to resolve conflict once the nature of the conflict and the circumstances surrounding the conflict are identified. A positive conflict is a matter of a disagreement stemming from a misunderstanding as a result of a lack of communication and opposing perspectives. A negative conflict involves the same components aforementioned under positive conflict however an individual's inability to communicate with a team or articulate his or her vision oftentimes result in shouting and hostility.

It's been my experience working in teams, especially during the brainstorming phases of ...