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Sources of Conflict

Of the Sources of Conflict, which one do you believe that as a manager you could exert the most influence? The least amount of influence? Explain your answer.

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Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. With different cultural backgrounds, genders, educations, and age groups, there are bound to be conflicts. Those conflicts can be one or more of many that exist. The most common are as follows (Joseph, 2011):
1) Change:
Change is always happening in business. It can be personnel changes to financial reorganization - all of which cause conflict. Many employees do not like change. They become used to the processes that have been in place for years and resist changes.
2) Interpersonal Relationships:
When employees start to cultivate relationships with different people in the workplace, there are bound to be conflicts in personalities or even with other employees who are close to those people.
3) Supervisor vs. Employee:
Employees and supervisors must work together and there will be times that they may not see things the same way. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to make sure the employees who are subordinates respect and get along. It is very important for good communication between the employees and the supervisor.
4) External Changes:
Economy changes can result in stressing out the employees. There may be layoffs and ...

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