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    Self-Centered Role Behaviors & Conflict Management

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    Approximately 100-150 words each.
    What can a manager or group leader do to eliminate or correct the harm from self-centered role behaviors?
    1) Self-centered roles
    a) Negative blocker (raises continuous objections, negative about ideas, solutions)
    b) Dominator (controls through interruption, superior, long-winded)
    c) Attacker (aggressive to achieve status, critical, disapproving)
    d) Clown (disrupts with irrelevant jokes, goes off on tangents, won't take ideas seriously)

    2) Please discuss one example each of conflict within an organization/ workplace. Discuss which conflict management style you think would be/was effective in resolving these conflicts and why. (Try to find a scenario that fits each style.)
    Conflict Management Styles
    - Avoidance
    - Accommodation
    - Compromise
    - Competition
    - Problem-solving

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    1) To eliminate or correct the harm from self-centered role behaviors it is important to address the problem as soon as possible. It is advised that initially, a manager should examine the situation to determine what is happening that allows or encourages the misbehavior, and what can be done to encourage more constructive behavior. A manager can look at the work the person performs to see if there are specific items that feed into the problem, and if perhaps, the group is involved in encouraging the problem. Next, the focus must be on changing these items so that the behavior changes. In the case of a negative blocker, it must be made clear to the group that it is okay to disagree but it is not okay to be disagreeable. Guidelines should be set up so that the group is able to point out potential problems, but at the same time must be involved with solutions. A dominator must likely has a lot to say (obviously) but at the same time, must be reined in. A manager or group leader can set parameters for meeting behavior ("each person will be given three minutes to talk. Interrupting is not allowed. We will then go around the room again for rebuttal"). ...

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    This solution discusses what a manager can do to eliminate the harm from self-centered role behaviors, and also gives examples of various conflicts in the workplace (avoidance, accommodation, compromise, and problem solving), and which managerial style to use to resolve conflict and why.Includes APA reference.