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Business Management and Conflict Resolution

Prepare a paper in APA format in which you describe a group conflict scenario and propose a possible solution. The focus of the paper should not be on the conflict and possible solution, but on the process the group followed in coming to a solution. In your paper, be sure to address the following questions:

o What was the conflict about and what was the proposed solution?
o How did individuals in the group use their personal strengths to come up with a solution to the conflict?
o What other conflict management techniques could the group have applied to solve the problem?
o What conflict management techniques were used to solve the problem?
o How did the group arrive at a decision?

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//while writing this paper, we will focus mainly on the process that the group follows while they are engaged in any type of conflicts and what are the possible outcomes to come out from that conflict, highlighting the points that have been given in the paper by adopting the problem solving technique.//

Conflict in general terms may be defined as a process which is purposefully made by one person or unit to block another person or unit which results in non fulfillment or non attainment of goals of the individual as well as the organization. It is any situation in which two or more persons feel themselves in opposition to each other. Conflicts in an organization may occur between employee and employee, employer and employer and employee and employer. There are many types of conflicts that can occur in the organization (About Conflict, n.d.).

Now, coming to the group conflicts and possible outcome that has been focused in the paper by including the process which the group has followed in coming to the solution; when there is any problem among the group members in the organization, the first and foremost thing that needs to be done is that the management as the top body of the firm should firstly diagnose the problem as why it has occurred between the group members. Secondly, the management will look into the possible outcomes by suggesting suitable measures. Thirdly, the group members will try to implement those outcomes in their own methods. Fourthly, the desired performance would be checked with the actual performance. Fifthly, if there are any deviations in the path, then it would be rectified by following different techniques. Lastly, follow up or feedback would be taken from the group members who have implemented the idea and what they feel. The feedback generated through follow up will help to reveal the weaknesses or errors if any (Kriesberg, 2007).

Main Conflicts among the Members of the Organization:

Group conflicts arise when two groups clash with each other and are not ready to solve the disputes or come ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1331 words with references.