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Identify Companies that used Business Model and Identify the com

Being able to transfer the business model to other locations is a key advantage for a firm expanding globally. Identify companies that have transferred their business model to other countries. Another way of expanding globally is to have a strong basis of competitive advantage that can be leveraged internationally. Identify companies that have used this business model and identify the competitive advantage leveraged. Are there companies that are on both lists? What is it about these companies and their practices that allow them able to globalize effectively? Use concepts from the text and supplemental reading to support your answers.

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A lot of companies transfer the business model successfully. Pepsico has restaurants around the world. So does McDonald's. Nike and Coca Cola, Bertelsmann Media Worldwide moves books, music, movies, and other media across the globe as does Sony. Nestle, ConAgra, and Kraft also have moved the business model around the world.

Competitive advantages are also good. Each of the companies above are on the list. Pepsico is very popular and their companies offer fast food that is different to many cultures. McDonald's offers the American hamburger ...

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The solution identifies companies that used the Business Model and the competitive advantage leveraged.