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    Competitive Advantage and how it contributes to sports team

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    I need help with a paper from ESPN, not sure which sport will be appropriate and how to put this all together. - analyzing competitive advantage and the business of professional sports.

    o Describe the components of sustainable competitive advantage that contribute to the team's success in the competitive sports industry.

    o Identify the four criteria of sustainable competitive advantage and classify team characteristics such as coaching, fan base, playing style and tactics, individual players, within each criterion for your team. Describe how these factors contribute to the team's success in the competitive sports market.

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    I'd take college football. A sustainable competitive advantage would be developing a fan base. USC, Florida State, Notre Dame have done it. Win or lose you still have a huge fan base. Here is a link to a WSJ article that shows what happens to TV viewership when top schools play a bowl game.


    So, how do these schools get a competitive advantage?

    Let's talk USC Football:

    The four criteria of sustainable competitive advantage:

    Are they Valuable? (Do they enable the team to devise strategies that improve efficiency or effectiveness?)

    Coaching: Yes, Pete Carol has been valuable to the brand in the past. He is a brand in himself. This year the Trojans have suffered without him, his philosophy, and his charm. You might point out that he fled to avoid the NCAA scandal so perhaps the team is better but a prominent coach adds sparkle to the team.
    Fan Base: The Trojans build a fan base at the school with indoctrination. Winning begets fans and the team has a good history of winning. In addition, there are lots of fans that HATE the Trojans. This also helps to develop the brand by developing chatter, and further defining the brand. The fan base is extremely valuable.
    Playing style & Tactics: Not as valuable. The team does better competitively when it ...

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    This detailed outlines how competitive advantages contribute to the success of a sports team looking at the four competitive criteria and how they affect the success of a team. The solution utilizes examples to illustrate how the team characteristics contribute to overall success.