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Ambush Marketing

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1. Define and give an example of ambush marketing. Why is ambush marketing such a threat to legitimate sponsors? What defense would you take against ambush marketing tactics as a sports marketer?

2. Provide examples of how technology has increased the ticket prices of professional sporting events. Support your examples from a cost perspective.

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Regardless of the industry, marketing is the foundation of any organization to maintain market domination against competitors. One method that organizations, often small businesses, use to gain a marketing advantage without cost to them is through ambush marketing. Ambush marketing is an emotionally charged phrase that refers to the practice of appearing to align a brand with an event for which that brand has not paid for the right to be a sponsor (Inci, 2011). We often see marketing ambushes take place in high venue events that are either televised and/or have numerous spectators. For sponsors who pay big money this can be a major threat if the marketing ambush is a competitor; regardless of size.

Ambush marketing is a threat to legitimate sponsors in that it's seen as devaluing the sponsorship package that the organization probably paid millions to do so. Additionally, sponsors feel that it directly attacks the core of their consumer base that they've worked so hard to gain. Many ...

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